Short-Term Care Insurance Can Cover Essential Early Pneumonia Care

Short-Term Care Insurance Can Cover Essential Early Pneumonia Care

Proper care early on increases full recovery from pneumonia and less chance of rehospitalization

Although the average pneumonia recovery time can be as short as one week, individuals may struggle to bounce back quickly as they age. In fact, it can take up to two months or more for older adults to recover from pneumonia.
Pneumonia often strikes as a secondary ailment after an ill person is already suffering from something else. In this situation, pneumonia can be even more distressing, prolonging the recovery process for whatever was initially being treated.
The key to overcoming pneumonia is ensuring steps are taken toward early recovery. A study on the management of community-acquired pneumonia in older adults noted that a “lack of recovery in the first three months is associated with an increased risk of hospital readmission;” therefore, rehabilitation of older patients during hospitalization and after they are discharged should be encouraged. In other words, if you’re able to properly care for yourself following a hospitalization, particularly early on, your chances of full recovery increase.
Fortunately, AARP® Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico® provides you with the financial ability to pay for the care you want in the location you choose. The plan’s benefits pay for days of in-home care services, assisted living, or nursing home care, so you have support during your recovery process — helping you get back on your feet more quickly.

Daily impact

Although pneumonia may not have a specific impact on many activities of daily living (ADLs), it can cause weakness and fatigue, which may make performing certain ADLs more challenging. Depending on the severity of these symptoms, those with pneumonia may be unable to stand for more than a few minutes at a time, making it difficult to manage simple tasks, such as bathing and dressing. To receive Short-Term Care insurance benefits, a physician must verify that you can’t perform at least two ADLs or have a cognitive impairment.
Recovering from pneumonia involves taking all prescribed medication, getting sufficient rest, and keeping up fluid and food intake. That may sound easy enough when you’re healthy, but if you’re living by yourself and don’t have anyone to help you, you may find it to be a struggle. If you’re feeling tired and weak, you may not have the energy, coordination, or maybe even the appetite to prepare yourself a healthy meal; ensure you take every dose of prescribed medication; and perform necessary functions around your home.
What’s more, a 2018 study showed an increase in cognitive impairment in pneumonia survivors age 65 and older over the course of 12 months. You may think you can adequately care for yourself now, but if pneumonia causes you to experience cognitive decline, routine daily tasks may prove to be more challenging than you anticipate.
To set yourself up for a successful recovery from pneumonia, you need to have a plan in place for short-term rehabilitation and recovery care. If you are unable to perform at least two of the six activities of daily living, having the ability to recover in an assisted living facility or receive home healthcare assistance may need to be included as part of your recovery plan. But that type of care, which can cost anywhere from $20.50 per hour for a home health aide to $119 per day in an assisted living facility, isn’t typically covered by medical insurance plans. Medicare will cover care in a skilled nursing facility, but only under certain criteria and for a limited time.
With the daily benefit you can receive from AARP Short-Term Care Insurance from Medico, you select the amount of coverage that is right for you. And with benefit periods between 120 and 360 days, you can choose the level of coverage that makes you comfortable without spending more than you need.
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