Report fraud

Why it's important to you

Insurance fraud involves an individual or entity‚Äôs intentional deception, concealment, or misrepresentation that could result in some unauthorized benefit to the individual, entity, or some other party. 

Insurance premium rates are set, in part based on the cost of benefits that are paid. Fraud needlessly increases the amount of benefits that are paid out, which raises the cost of insurance each of us pay.

What we're doing about it

We fight fraud as part of our effort to assure that our premiums are kept as low as possible.

Medico has a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) that investigates suspected fraud and ethics violations and takes appropriate action, including making referrals to law enforcement officials. If you suspect someone may be committing a fraud or ethics violation against our organization, contact our Fraud and Ethics Hotline at 800-678-6685 or visit our EthicsPoint Web Reporting System page. All calls and website inquiries will be handled discreetly and confidentially.