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5 major advantages of home health care services

Learn more about how you can receive care at home — and why it might even be a better option for you and your family.

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or an injury or just need a little extra care as you age, home health care is absolutely an option you should consider. In fact, home health care can be equally as effective as the treatment you’d receive in a skilled nursing facility or hospital, reports the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Read on to learn more about in-home care service and why you should consider it.

Home health care is more comfortable

Maintaining independence is the most important factor to consumers when it comes to receiving health care as they age, according to a 2021 research study from American Enterprise Group.*
Not only will you be able to receive care in a familiar place, but you’ll also have a more flexible and less stressful routine if you opt for home health care. Plus, with rapidly advancing technologies available for in-home care service, equipment is often easily accessible — and usable in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Resources are available to come to you

Not only is equipment available to help you recover at home, but staff members are able to partner with other caregivers to ensure all your care needs are met. A home health care nurse or aid can assist with bathing, prepare meals, administer medicine, and offer any therapy (such as speech or physical) or procedures (including a dressing change on wounds) that you require. This staff member can visit on a set schedule and establish a care plan as needed.

In-home care service is cost effective

It might be tough to believe since it’s much more convenient and personalized, but home health care can be more affordable than other care options, such as assisted living or nursing home care. Because in-home care service doesn’t need to be full-time care, you can cut down on costs by limiting how many hours the staff comes in to help. Also, you will save money by eliminating any room and board fees. Check out this cost of care estimator to calculate the difference between rates for home health care compared to a nursing home, assisted living facility, or adult daycare.

It might allow for a faster recovery

There are many proven mental, physical, and social advantages of recovering from illness or injury at home. The familiar setting is comforting and offers stability, friends and family can easily visit, and recovery time can be sped up. Plus, in-home care service allows a professional to assess the home environment while offering guidance to help prevent falls. They also may offer tips and tricks to set up the space for a successful recovery at home.

It’s possible to stay socially connected

When you are able to receive care at home, visitors can pop by any time to offer support for the entire family. Caretaking is stressful, time-consuming, and tiring, to be sure. Home health care allows all involved to have more reinforcement from friends and neighbors.
As you consider home health care for any future needs, be sure to alert your loved ones about your desires so they can be prepared should your circumstances change.

* The 2021 Short-Term Care Insurance Foundational Research Study was an online survey of 500 U.S. consumers ages 50-79. All participants confirmed having primary or shared responsibility for their households’ health care coverage decisions. American Enterprise Group was not identified as the survey sponsor. The survey was conducted during the month of February 2021. The study was conducted in partnership with Directions Research, an independent insights firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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